Ever walk into Tasty Tuesday and feel overwhelmed by the amount of food variety? Do you cry at the beauty of the guac on your bowl from La Cabañita, but cry even harder when they tell you how much it costs? Ever walk through the crowds of hungry college students and leave because you can’t even? I can assure you I’ve done at least two of these things.

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Good news! You never have to experience any of the above again because Spoon Vassar, your new bff and savior, has rated all of the restaurants who sell at Tasty Tuesday for your dining pleasure. 

1. Twisted Soul: 9/10

It's worth bringing your cash for. 

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Twisted Soul sells both rice bowls and Vassar noodle bowls of high quality. Both have well-seasoned pulled pork, curry coconut sauce, sour cream, peanuts, and onions. The bowls cost about $10, but are totally worth it. The restaurant also has bubble tea that's on the sweeter side for $3.

Their cupcakes are beautiful and delicious, and are even displayed in a ascetically pleasing plastic case. Unfortunately, Twisted Soul's empanadas are a little dry and cost $2 each.

The people who work for Twisted Soul are super friendly, and if you forget cash, they might even let you pay them back next week. (We all have those days)

2. La Cabañita: 8/10

Very solid Mexican food, but a bit pricey.

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The burritos of La Cabañita are delightful and come with those perfectly crunchy Mexican tortilla chips. The restaurant also sells two types of bowls: a salad bowl served in a crispy fried shell and a nacho bowl with a base layer of the previously mentioned chips. The ingredients, which include pinto beans, rice, chicken or pork (if you want meat), pico di gallo, cheese, and of course, guac, are very fresh. One Spoon writer even said that the bowls taste like a lighter version of Chipotle.

It was concluded that the nacho bowl overall tastes better and has more for your money, as they both cost a semi-steep $10-$11 (depending on if you get extra guac). No prices are posted at their stand, which is a minus, but they do take VCash!

3. Julie's Restaurant and Catering: 7/10

Comfort food and nice people.

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The people are very talkative, and if you go often enough, they even remember your name! The meat pie we ordered was hearty and warm. It contained ground beef, mashed potatoes, cheese, and noodles, which was very filling. If you miss eating traditional, homey food, Julie’s is the place for you.

5. Noshi's Coney Island: 7/10

You can’t really mess up a hot dog.

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Coney Island has a wide variety of toppings for you dog. There was nothing super different than hot dogs you can find at home but the dogs are good quality compared to some. The people who work at Coney are also very talkative and nice.

5. Love Feast Home-Style Vegan Indian Food: 6.5/10

Tasty Indian food and vegan!

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The dal and curry we ordered from Love Feast were both flavorful and tasted very healthy. However, they were served completely mixed together which did not allow you to completely experience both flavors. Also, the container that held the food was quite small and cost $8.

It seemed as though the prices were made up on the spot. Even so, for someone whose idea of good Indian food is frozen Trader Joe’s, it was delicious.

6. Zorona: 5/10

Somewhat satisfies a Mediterranean food craving.

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The falafel wrap from Zorona was okay, it seemed authentic and the competing textures worked together, but overall it was on the dryer side. The Baklava was more of a dense soggy clump, but it did taste somewhat like the traditional dessert.

The people were very sweet and threw in an extra piece of Baklava to one of our plates. Zorona’s prices are also very reasonable, for the falafel wrap was $5 and the baklava was only $1!

And there you have it! A guide to fulfill all of your Tasty Tuesday needs. We hope you enjoy your meal next Tuesday, because come on, basically anything can beat the deece.