If you are looking for a fun new dessert for the holidays, this  partnership has got you covered. TGI Fridays is offering a new menu item, The Rainbow Cake, courtesy of Carlo’s Bakery. The treat is composed of six perfectly stacked layers of rainbow-colored vanilla cake. The deal is only available for a limited time, so make sure you grab yours in the restaurant or for carry-out! I plan on ordering an entire cake to go.

TGI Friday's

“This partnership is an amazing opportunity to bring something I love and cherish (cake) to all of the TGI Fridays fans. We were able to create “That Fridays Feeling” through the dessert for all of the guests,” said Buddy Valastro.

TGI Fridays is the only restaurant that has ever teamed up with Buddy and his famous bakery. I have no doubt that this dessert is nothing short of delicious! That ‘Friday Feeling’ is what everyone needs right now as the holiday season is coming up quickly. According to Valastro, we can anticipate a lot more planning this year, as the holiday will be extra special through food being that gatherings will be smaller.

“I really enjoy making holiday cookies because it has always been fun to get the entire family involved,” said Buddy. His favorite holiday memory is baking with his dad at a young age and the smell of treats brings back all of those moments. The Instagram post above features one of his son's, Carlos, enjoying the colorful dessert. 

I could not have said it better myself; nothing beats the smell of home baking. This rainbow cake will create that familial atmosphere, as Carlo’s Bakery is always looking for ways to make memories with their guests. Buddy explained that the brand knows celebrations will occur with great food and great dessert. This is a motto I will be sticking to from now on.

If you would like to see more from Buddy, you can catch him on Food Network for his new special Buddy vs. Christmas Sundays at 10pm EST. Or you can stop by the infamous bakery for Buddy’s favorite: the lobster tail pastry. I know everyone is ready to indulge this year- and you deserve it!