Like most people, whenever I go to Target, I end up buying nothing I need and everything I want. But now, this—this Valentine's Day Oreo Gift Mug Set I need. 

Instagram user @candyhunting spotted the Oreo gift set at Target. The set comes with two small packets of cookies and two coffee mugs. Similar to those heart-shaped friendship necklaces you and your second grade BFF used to have, these mugs are a pair—one reads "We Go Together Like" and the other one reads "Cookies & Cream." It's adorable.

You can purchase the set in stores or online for around $9.50 for your significant other. But there's also nothing stopping you from sharing these with your best friend now (#BFF4Ever). Whoever you decide to give this sweet treat to, pair it with some Oreo hot cocoa and maybe throw in an extra pack of Oreos. You can never have enough Oreos.