Let’s get real right now. No one actually enjoys taking a shot, we just really like the after effects. We all dread that moment when someone pulls out the bottle and announces that it’s time for shots, especially because we know that bottle most likely isn’t Grey Goose; it’s probably made out of plastic.


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So, here are five tips and tricks to help you become an ultimate shots champion:

Make sure your alcohol is freezing cold.


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Try to make sure your alcohol is as cold as your soul during finals week. A shot at room temperature is the number one party foul. Plus, alcohol doesn’t freeze. So stick that sh*t in the freezer before drinking and it’ll go down way smoother.

Try chasing with club soda instead.


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It still totally cuts the taste of the alcohol and the fact that it doesn’t get sickeningly sweet like other sodas and juices means less of a hangover. Oh, and did we mention fewer calories? Huzzah.

Chase tequila shots with hot sauce instead of lime.

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Hot sauce will completely eliminate the foul taste of tequila with a little zing at the end. Plus, it saves you from having to squish a lime with your mouth, which after a couple shots of tequila, can prove to be quite a daunting task.

Drink some of your chaser before taking the shot.

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A chaser before and after your shot means you basically don’t have to taste the alcohol at all. It’s like, did you even take that shot then?

Have no fear.

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Shots can sense fear. Well no, they can’t actually, but they do taste a lot better when you don’t stress about how bad they’re going to taste. So, go ahead  conquer your fears and take a shot.