If you have a very difficult time choosing what you want from the vast menu options at Taco Bell, you're not alone. There are so many variations on each taco, burrito, and nachos that it can be challenging to narrow it down to one or a few choices. If you'd rather not have to decide for yourself, check out this list to get your Taco Bell order based on your zodiac sign.

Leo: Wild Naked Chicken Chalupa

Leos are bold, confident, and creative. They're natural leaders, and it's hard to resist their charming nature. Leos stand out from the crowd and set trends, much like the Wild Naked Chicken Chalupa. New(ish) to the menu, this bold and creative item has a fried chicken chalupa shell with something called Wild Sauce on top. There's a mild version of this food as well, but the creative, trendsetting, dramatic Wild Naked Chicken Chalupa is as Leo as it gets.

Capricorn: Breakfast Crunchwrap

Capricorns are independent, responsible, good at managing professional and personal tasks, and have really great self-control. Basically, they have their lives together. The Breakfast Crunchwrap is perfect for a Capricorn. The soft yet crunchy texture and delicious filling will help start the day off on a high note and provide the energy to take on the day like a boss. And, let's be honest, it takes a Capricorn's level of responsibility and time management to eat a proper breakfast.

Libra: Nachos BellGrande

Libras are very social and charming. They love balance and symmetry, and like to indulge in expensive and material things. If you're a Libra, you'll love the Nachos BellGrande. These loaded nachos are perfect to share with friends, everyone will love them, and they include a balance of flavors, with meat, beans, cheese, tomatoes, and sour cream (other add-ons are also available). Plus, these nachos are one of the more expensive dishes on the menu, perfect for an indulgent treat.

Scorpio: Crunchwrap Supreme

A scorpio's personality has layers — they're outgoing and passionate, yet emotional, intuitive and sensitive. They're also amazing at keeping all your secrets. Scorpios are basically the Crunchwrap Supreme of the zodiac signs. On the outside, a Crunchwrap Supreme is a soft crust filled with delicious filling, but then you get to the crispy layers of tostada in the middle. The soft, warm outside keeps the secret of the crispy, crunchy middle. There's more to a Crunchwrap than meets the eye, and the same goes for a Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Doritos Locos Tacos

A Sagittarius is adventurous, extroverted, loves to travel, has an open mind, loves change, and steps out of his or her comfort zone. At Taco Bell, a Sagittarius should order Doritos Locos Tacos. These reinvented tacos are fiery, daring, and creative. The crispy taste and innovative concept are adventurous and provide ample variation from the classic crunchy tacos to satiate a the sense of curiosity, change and adventure of a Sagittarius.

Aquarius: Spicy Tostada

An Aquarius is rebellious, energetic, and intellectual. They have a passion for helping people and being involved in charity and humanitarian causes. If you're an Aquarius, the Spicy Tostada is the Taco Bell meal for you. This crunchy base is topped with beans, lettuce, cheese, tomato, as well as chipotle sauce and red sauce for a big kick. The tostada is also vegetarian — it uses beans instead of meat, which is perfect for an Aquarius trying to save the environment and lead a more animal-friendly lifestyle.

Pisces: Chalupa Cravings Box

Pisces are selfless, empathetic and intuitive. They get along with many different kinds of people, and are the most tolerant of all the zodiac signs. Pisces would love the Chalupa Cravings Box. This combo has a really wide variety of foods — a Chalupa Supreme, a 5-layer burrito, a crunchy taco, cinnamon twists, and a drink (to satisfy the love of liquids and water). Pisces loves different kinds of people and are very tolerant, and so they will love the variety in this combo.

Aries: Power Bowl

The Aries sign tends to be extremely active and energetic, and very adventurous. Speed and focus are top priorities for these people. Thus, power bowls are perfect for Aries. Found on the Power Menu, this energy, nutrient, and flavor-packed bowl is perfect for refueling before big events and on the go. Plus, guac is included.

Taurus: Crunchy Taco or Mexican Pizza

Taurus individuals are loyal, practical, well grounded, excellent cooks, and dislike sudden major changes. Crunchy tacos and Mexican pizzas are the perfect meals for a Taurus. Crunchy tacos are classic items, have everything you want in a meal, and never let you down in terms of flavor. Mexican pizzas are really delicious, with a fun, tangy sauce, yet practical. They're a bit more unique than a regular taco, but still not a risky option.

Gemini: Supreme Variety Pack

Geminis can be indecisive, and have two sides to their personality. They love to socialize, be outgoing, and try new things, but can also become serious and pensive quickly and suddenly. Thus, Taco Bell variety party packs are perfect for Geminis. There are various contrasting options to include in the party pack, from the tried and true crunchy tacos to more fun and adventurous Doritos Locos Tacos Supremes, so there will be something in the meal to match either of the Gemini's two moods.

Cancer: Caramel Apple Empanada

Cancers are very loyal, sentimental, and intuitive. They care deeply about family, love, home, and peace. If you're a Cancer, the Caramel Apple Empanada is just the right dessert for you. It's warm, flaky, soft, comforting, and really delicious. The gooey apple and brown sugar mixture inside the perfect crust will make you feel warm and cozy, just like home.

Virgo: Fiesta Taco Salad

Virgo is an Earth sign, and likes nature and cleanliness. Virgos are hardworking and strong, and they really like healthy food. Thus, Virgos would love the Fiesta Taco Salad. This salad has vegetables, fire roasted salsa, meat, reduced-fat sour cream (a win for health-conscious Virgos), among other ingredients. It's sure to satisfy both the healthy and hearty sides of a Virgo.

Taco Bell serves a vast variety of foods, some of which are classics and others, Taco Bell innovations. Whether you believe in the power of zodiac signs or not, there's no doubt that Taco Bell's menu has something for every kind of preference and personality.