My Taco Bell experience is somewhat limited. After taco Tuesday for almost all of sophomore year (we got free coupons at basketball games), all I can bring myself to get now is a Baja Blast and Cinnabon minis. They're not that great for you, but at least it couldn’t come out of a hose or whatever other gross rumor was circulating at the time.

So imagine my surprise when as I was bored and clicking through Snapchat stories, and I saw that Taco Bell was one of the healthiest fast food options. 

Emma Salters

What? That’s actually good for you? Well, yes and no. Four years ago, Taco Bell hired nutritionist Missy Nelson. In her short time with the company she has worked to get rid of artificial ingredients, switch to cage-free eggs, and reduce the overall sodium content of their food by 15%.

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Emma Salters

Additionally, the menu has seen major upgrades. The vegetarian menu has been extended and it is certified by the American Vegetarian Association. Customers can also chose to make their meal “fresco,” which makes the meal lower-calorie by replacing the cheese and sour cream with pico de gallo. 

Emma Salters

You have to make the effort to make your meal healthy. Luckily, with Taco Bell's new app this is easier than ever. It features the full menu with customizable options. You can now also order online, and the app will remember what you like for future reference. Just check in when you get the restaurant and your food will be ready to go in minutes.