A fast-food restaurant is now pouring into a whole different area of the food industry and we have to try it. Taco Bell has surprised us all with a new Jalapeño Noir Red Wine that is available for delivery in some areas for $25 a bottle. This limited-edition drink is exclusively available in Canada for Taco Bell customers. *Taco-bout disappoint for fans in the United States*

The jalapeño wine can be ordered through www.tacobell.ca  and select locations, such as Toronto and Hamilton, will have the beverage available with Uber Eats. The drink went live on September 16 and was created to pair with the company’s Toasted Cheesy Chalupa. This tortilla shell is covered in toasted six month-aged cheddar and filled with beef, tomatoes, more cheese, lettuce, and reduced fat sour cream. Cheese and Wine?! The perfect pairing. A recent press release stated that the Chalupa’s rich taste and crunchy texture complement the wine’s notes of wild strawberry, cherry, and beetroot.

Taco Bell’s new wine sold out in just one day- but the company assured that a restock is coming. Anyone up for a quick road trip to Canada?