Taco Bell launched two new queso-centric items to its menu on Thursday, stepping up the drunchie food scene.

For the first time, the Mexican chain added green chili queso to its menu (honestly, it's about time), according to Nation's Restaurant News. It also added two, limited time menu items — the Steakhouse Burrito, and the Steakhouse Queso Nachos. Both for $5.99. I'll take it. 

The Steakhouse Burrito is a double portion of grilled marinated steak with sour cream, bacon, potato bites, and a three-cheese blend. It's served with chips and the coveted green chile queso.

The Steakhouse Queso Nachos is steak, beans, three-cheese blend, and green chile queso served over nacho chips and topped with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.

People love cheese, so the fact that Taco Bell is finally incorporating the ooey, gooey dip actively into its menu is great news for us. Apparently, it was a mission by manager of product development, Rene Pisciotti, to get it on the menu. According to Nation's Restaurant News, it took six months and more than 20 iterations to perfect its queso recipe.

As of now, queso is not permanent on its menu. The chain wants to see how receptive customers are to it — so take advantage of the melted, cheesy goodness while you can.