I am currently obsessed with Swoon because they’re putting a brand new spin on guilt-free beverages. From lemonades to cocktail mixers, Swoon uses no artificial sweaters. Their secret? Monk fruit. In case you didn't know, monk fruit a melon that is naturally sweet with zero calories or carbs. Now you can enjoy cocktails and lemonades with none of the sugar, and zero guilt. Plus, they even make a sugar-free simple syrup that is the perfect replacement for any cocktail. The best part? They won’t leave your teeth feeling gritty like traditional drinks. 

One of my favorite products are Swoon mixers. They make mixology ridiculously easy. No more mixing, measuring, or making a mess. Simply add one Swoon mixer, one-shot, some ice, and enjoy. You can make a Spicy Margarita, Moscow Mule, the perfect Mojito, and much more and your friends will think you're a master mixologist.

If cocktails aren’t your thing, Swoon makes canned lemonade in three varieties. Classic, Pink Lemonade, and Half & Half. These drinks are refreshing and will have you wondering why you ever chose to drink anything else. Each variety of lemonade is made with simple ingredients that are easy to pronounce and has only 10 calories (!!!) per can.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep some of their simple syrups handy to sweeten up any drink, with none of the sugar. Add a splash of simple syrup to your favorite cocktail, morning coffee, or even in a smoothie. Honestly, the sugar-free possibilities are endless with Swoon and I'm here for all of it.