We’ve all seen the glorious S’well bottles, and have rightfully bought into the hype. However, to make you feel better about your investment, check out these other great ways to use your S’well.

1. Chicken Soup


Photo by Madison Mounty

The common cold hits everyone hard. Not everyone has the ability to run out and grab a steaming hot bowl of Mom’s chicken noodle soup for every meal. So, why not put some soup from the dining hall in your S’well? The bottle keeps liquids hot for 12 hours, so it is actually the perfect bring-to-work or bring-to-class meal.

2. Vodka and XXX Vitamin Water


Photo by Livia Greene

Everyone loves a good mixed drink, but no one loves a lukewarm one. Make a killer mixie of your favorite ice-cold vodka with some XXX Vitamin water to have a pregame bev to die for.

3. Wine


Photo by Emma Delaney

Not sure this one needs much explaining, but in case you’re not convinced, fill your S’well with the most economical type of wine and head out with your friends for the classiest and most inconspicuous picnic.

4. Trail Mix


Photo by Tiare Brown

In this beautiful spring weather, going on hikes is a perfect way to spend your free time. Fill your S’well with trail mix as a great and filling snack for when you reach the peak.

5. Salsa


Photo by Emily Chaisson

Pour a good amount of your favorite salsa into the S’well, and bring along some veggies and chips for a great mid-day snack.

6. Iced Coffee


Photo by Gabby Phi

Whip up a batch of your own cold brew, and bring it with you to keep yourself caffeine-headache-free all day and happy that you haven’t spent all your money on Starbucks. Take that money and buy yourself another S’well.