We all know what it’s like to wake up with an angry pimple. It’s even more annoying when your concealer doesn’t cover it up. What if I told you there's a product out there to stop these pimples in their tracks before they even arise on your face? Meet Sweet Chef Skincare.

Think of this carrot + ginger skincare line as food for your skin. Based within Korean beauty technology, the line contains ingredients from various plants and works naturally to visibly brighten the skin. Your skin will eat this skincare up like nobody’s business. 

Let's Dive In!

Sydney Barish

Focused on all things glowing and radiant, this line comes with two face products to tone, clarify, and tighten the skin over time.

Let’s start with the the carrot ginger + salicylic acid pore cleanser. This velvety, pillowy formula is the best foam facial cleanser I have ever tried, and it's all packed into a bright orange bottle with a pump dispenser. Only 1-2 pumps of this product is sufficient to cover the entire face. Massaging this product into the skin for the entire minute is no chore when it feels like you’re rubbing a cloud on your face! After patting my face dry, my skin felt clean but not stripped, and supple but not greasy.  

In need of a quick fix for a pesky pimple? Sweet Chef has a line of pimple patches of various sizes to fit many areas on the face, no matter the size of the blemish. Within the three varieties of patches, there are small and medium clear patches, larger patches with a carrot design on them, and larger rectangular hydrocolloid patches. These rescue patches make your skincare routine all the more convenient. I easily put these patches on my skin when I went off to sleep. Even better, the small patches are clear, and blend with many complexions, so they appear virtually nonexistent if I decide to wear them outside. Nobody has to know, but if someone were to ask I’d let them in on my pimple patch secret!

With these two products I was able to see changes in my skin within the first week of use. I have continued using these products, and I'm happy to say that these are ones I will be sure to repurchase. The brand is clean and sensitive-skin friendly. What’s more is that the faces of the advertisements have diverse skin that's not airbrushed or filtered, so I really do feel that this product is made for individuals who I see everyday with common skin concerns. I can understand the formula of these products, which makes me feel good about what I'm putting on my skin.

These products are make by the creators of Glow Recipe, a high-end skin care brand sold at many Sephora locations, and other luxury stores. My favorite product from Glow Recipe is the Watermelon Glow sleeping mask. 

Sweet Chef Skincare makes self-care easy for me as a college student. Want to see other ways to amp up your skincare routine? Check out this article.