Oats are the GOAT. Seriously. I live and die by the tubs of Quaker Oats (old-fashioned, of course) that you can find in any cereal aisle in any grocery store in just about any state across the country.

I also love Starbucks and spend a ridiculous $4 on a cup of coffee whenever I can get my hands on it. But for some, like myself, reaching a Starbucks—or the equally comparable Dunkin' Donuts—each morning is a challenge that requires rising from a cozy bed too early.

Rather than toughing it out through your first class on an empty stomach, or yet again suffering through, another dreary winter morning without anything warming in your stomach, I'll show you how to create the best oats of your life. I'm about to convert y'all to the religion of the oats.

The greatest quality of the humble oat is its versatility. Whether the mood of the morning is sweet and sleepy, savory and surprisingly awake, or cold and in need of comfort foo, there is an option for all occasions.

Red, White, and Blueberry

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Madi Johnson

For those early mornings when the spirit of America is alive and well within your heart, a healthy kick has hit, and you wish for the summer and eating fruit under a hot sun, try these Red, White, and Blueberry oats.

Simply scavenge some bananas from the dining hall and beg your mom for a few extra dollars for some fresh berries to create a mirage to the great American Flag.  


To the choco-holics out there, this ones for you. Oats don't have to remain beige and boring—toss in some cocoa powder to amp up the chocolate factor. Add in a spoonful of chocolate peanut butter (I recommend Dark Chocolate Dreams by Peanut Butter & Co.) for a creamy note, and finish your creation with a sprinkling of chocolate chips that will melt down into the oats.

Fluffernutter Oats

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To create a decadent treat that will remind you of childhood lunches, try these Fluffernutter Oats. Add peanut butter—crunchy or smooth, depending on your preference—to the plain oat base. Layer in banana slices, and a bit of Fluff. If your sweet tooth needs a rest, you can leave out the fluff or switch it out for mini marshmallows.

Eggcellent Oats

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If you appreciate a well-rounded breakfast, these Eggcellent Oats are for you. Savory oats have been big in the food world recently, topped with everything from eggs to pork in a Chinese-style breakfast.

For these oats, fry an egg in a little oil and S&P. For good measure, you can season your oats with the same. Feel free to go crazy with the toppings; whatever you normally put in your omelette, add to the oats. My suggestions would be an egg, some cheddar cheese, a touch of spinach, and some pieces of bacon. 

Pumpkin Spice Oats

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This wouldn't be a fall food post without a mention of pumpkin spice. For all of you who wish that PSL's continued all year, this may well be your solution. If you're a true pumpkin fan, grab that can of pumpkin puree you were probably supposed to use last Thanksgiving for a pumpkin pie and stir some into your oats.

If you're not that eager, throw in a bit of the pumpkin pie spice instead. Top with a dash of half-and-half or whole milk, sprinkle in some extra cinnamon, and you'll never have to be without your beloved morning PSL again.