Sushi is a fan favorite everywhere, and the varieties are endless. Whether you're more of a sashimi gal or a Kamikaze roll guy (they're worth the belly-aching fullness), theres a type for everyone and everyone's personality.

The Weekday Partier 

sushi, sauce
Madi Johnson

The Kamikaze roll describes you. Delectable tempura shrimp, ahi tuna, spicy sushi sauce—this one's got it all. You manage the night life with the day life, the homework time with the bar time, and still manage to roll out of bed in time for that 8:30 am class.

The aftermath may leave you with a bit of a stomachache and a headache from the over-indulgent night, but just like every other time you'll say it was worth it. 

The Early Riser

salmon, smoked salmon, sashimi, sushi, rice, lox, fish
Taylor Bovarnick

Only the best can inhabit a body as holy as yours. Up before the sun, you're always finding innovative ways to make your morning wake up call more enticing and exciting. This sushi bowl is as fresh as you are fresh-faced when the sun comes up, and the bright colors match your bubbly personality.

The Always-Late-to-Class

sushi, rice, seafood, avocado, fish, tuna, wasabi, salmon, crab, shrimp, sashimi
Perry Eisemann

Just like the iconic California roll itself, you live by the lifestyle of a Gold Coast local. Simple, relaxed, laid back. You're the perfect combination of refreshing and peaceful, until you're so peaceful you forget to set an alarm the next morning.

Those teachers yelling at you as you stroll in 20 minutes after class don't bother you though. You just roll with the punches like you roll with the waves.

The Overachiever

sushi, salad
Madi Johnson

You're so good, you can't even just be one roll. You're the mother of them all, the three that come together and leave you leftovers for days. A dynamite, firecracker, and a fireball all rolled into one, you've got it all. You won't stop until everything is good and finished, and you overwhelm everyone within range with your powers of achievement. Well played.  

The Caffeine Addict

Just like a Dynamite roll, you bounce of the walls and leave sparks wherever you go. A little bit of crunch, a little bit of spice—everyone knows how many cups of coffee you've had by the smile on your face each morning. Tuna and avocado doesn't have anything on the combination of you and three cups of cold brew.

The Gym Rat

Just like Sashimi, you're a lean, mean, fighting machine. You know how to get down to it and keep only the good stuff. You cut to the chase and are ready to go at a moment's notice. Always dressed in sweats and a t-shirt or some sort of Lulu Lemon attire, you're appealingly simple to look at, but once someone gets to know you, there's nothing simple about the flavors there.