By checking out someone’s fingernails, you can learn a lot about their personality. Some nails are clean and short (they’re no-nonsense), others long and colorful (they’re fun and feisty), and some are covered in … sushi? Yup, you read that right. Sushi-themed nail art recently experienced its 15 minutes of fame in Japan when Twitter-user @mqmx666, or Ayamon, tweeted three pics of her sushi nails… which then proceeded to receive a viral number of  retweets (more than 10,000!).

Courtesy of Japan Realtime

This master manicurists isn’t fooling around: Ayamon’s sushi nails are intricate and each nail features a distinct sushi-related design. Just looking at them might make you crazily crave a rainbow roll. Despite Ayamon’s sudden rise to fame, sushi nails have somehow managed to avoid becoming the obsession of the everyday nail artist: in other words, most of Japan (and the world) has not yet hopped on the sushi nail bandwagon. So America, what do you think? Are these designs “kawaii” (cute) enough for you to want to take this deep-sea plunge?

Courtesy of Deviantart