Hybrid foods made it onto the Spoon University list of “7 Foods We’re Excited To Leave Behind In 2014,” but I would like to propose an exception for the not-so-popular-but-should-be-on-the-rise sushi-burrito, created back in 2011.

Have you ever experienced “tasting” the smell of something or vice versa, “smelling” the taste of something? Well that’s the closest I can get to describing my first bite into a burrito coated in sticky rice and filled with sushi, pickled ginger, veggies and some spicy mayo (yes, of course I ordered it with everything). My senses were confused, but in the best way possible. My brain was more and more perplexed with each bite I took, unsure of whether to expect burrito or sushi, but my mouth was most certainly telling me YES.

I first got to sink my teeth into one of these before a Sixers game in Philly at Hai Street Kitchen. Although it was sacrilegious for my boyfriend to give up a cheesesteak at Pat’s before a basketball game to venture along with his foodie girlfriend to try a new trendy food, he would vouch for its delicious-ness. The ratio of brown rice, (brownie points for offering brown rice in my opinion) salmon, cucumber, carrots, red cabbage, pickled jicama, spicy mayo and tempura flakes in each bite was perfect. We had to order our sushi-burritos to go in order to make the Sixers game on time and all I’ll say is: huge mistake. Within just a couple of bites, we both knew we would want a second one and my heart sunk knowing I had missed my chance to order a second one. Hell, I would’ve skipped the game all together if it meant I could hang out in Hai Street Kitchen all night.

So while the rest of Philly and northern California (the sushi-burrito’s birthplace) continue to grab these wonderful sushi-burritos whenever they so please, all I can do is sit back and wait patiently for the sushi burrito to make its debut up here in the Bean.

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