Make a list.

Always, always make a list of items you need. Cross them off while you shop and you won’t have to deal with the panic of realizing you forgot to grab cheese when you’re about to check out. If you’re really committed to efficiency, organizing your list by aisle will probably be golden.

Have a shopping buddy.

No choice but to shop during rush hour? Bring a friend and hold each other’s place in line while you shop.

Shop from the aisles first.

Begin your shopping trip in the center aisles, then grab a spot in line and shop as the line makes its way through the store. This method might take a bit longer than simply shopping while the line moves, but it guarantees that you won’t lose your place in line.

Know which line you’re joining.

During peak times, two lines are formed in the store. The line closest to the exterior of the store passes the dairy case, and the one closest to the interior of the store makes its way through the health and beauty aids.

Just…go when it’s less busy.

Prime shopping hours: in the morning (before 9 AM, if you can get up that early), around 3 PM during weekdays and late at night. Use caution, though: if you go too late, many items may be sold out. The worst times to go are undoubtably during lunch time (11 AM-2 PM) and during rush hour (5-8 PM). It’s also typically less busy mid-week.