It’s a Tuesday afternoon in Davis and the midweek blues are just starting to set in. You’re in desperate need of some extra fuel to get over “hump day” and another predictable Mongolian Beef from the DC is just not gonna cut it. Luckily for you, there’s an abundance of mouth-watering tacos waiting with your name on them at El Toro Bravo. If the thought of Mexican food doesn’t make your heart race, then the $1.50 Taco Tuesday deal will change your mind and have you at the door in a matter of minutes.

Located in the heart of downtown, just a stone’s throw away from campus, this restaurant is a popular hit for any college-budget soul. If you’re expecting a nice quiet dinner, think again. The overly full street-side seating creates a fiesta-like ambiance looking more like Bistro 33 on a Thursday night than what you had planned for. Definitely expect to see someone you know, it’s inevitable.

Tacos make Tuesdays a whole lot better??✨

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If you’re a first timer to this weekly holiday extravaganza, then there are a couple of things you should keep in mind to avoid looking like a complete amateur.

#SpoonTip 1: Flag down your waitress. This place is extremely busy on this night, so if you want service you’ve gotta be aggressive.

#SpoonTip 2: Ask for the free chips and salsa. Since the tacos are so cheap on Tuesdays, they won’t bring them unless specified.

#SpoonTip 3: Take insta-worthy pics of your tacos. Let’s be honest, if you didn’t take cool pics of your food, were you actually even there?

And if you’ve reached the golden age of 21, be sure to wash down your meal with one of the 20 selections of margaritas. I’ve heard the raspberry-pomegranate is a hot pick.


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Cheers to Tuesdays feeling a little less like Tuesdays.