Summer is finally here! This means that barbecue season is also upon us. This summer, instead of boring hot dogs and hamburgers, try grilling up some of these foods that you may have not known taste even better on the grill!

1. Pineapple

sweet, pineapple
Caroline Liu

If you’ve ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse, you know first-hand that grilled pineapple and steak make the perfect pairing, especially on kabobs. Whole pineapple slices seasoned with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, and steak seasoning is another way to prepare this versatile fruit. The spices and seasonings add a perfect heat to the sweet pineapple.

2. Tofu

tofu, meat, sweet, chicken, bread, pastry
Anna Hirschorn

As most people know, tofu is a soy-based protein that can be used as an alternative to meat in tons of recipes. It pairs well with different flavors and seasonings with makes it the ideal food to grill. Tofu can be a tricky food to approach, so be sure to read up on how to prepare it properly before you begin.

3. Avocado

sweet, guacamole, vegetable, avocado
Sarah Silbiger

Avocados aren’t just for guacamole; cut them in half, remove the seed, and drizzle with a lil’ olive oil and lemon juice before grilling. You can either fill grilled avocados with different ingredients and eat them by itself, or use them as a topping for burgers, tacos, and sandwiches! The possibilities are endless, so here’s a list of some ideas to step up your grilled avocado game.

4. Peaches

peach, barbecue
Danielle Nee

Grilled peaches make a delicious summer dessert. Top them with cinnamon, brown sugar, and ice cream, and you’ll forget you’re even eating fruit.

5. Bread

grilled cheese sandwich, sweet, sandwich, butter, wheat, bread, toast
Jocelyn Hsu

Toaster, schmoaster. Take the name “grilled” cheese literally by throwing it on the grill, which makes the bread crispy while keeping the cheese inside melty and gooey. If grilled cheese isn’t your thing, you can use grilled bread as a base for other delicious sandwiches.

6. Lettuce

Health, farmer's market, Market, Farmers market, produce, Healthy, parsley, salad, vegetable, lettuce
Dea Uy

Don’t forget to eat your veggies this summer! Take some hearts of romaine lettuce, season it with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic, and grill it for a few minutes. This makes for a simple, light appetizer or side dish that’s not only healthy but tasty! Pro tip: after grilling your lettuce, sprinkle on some parmesan cheese for some extra garnish.