With the culmination of the NFL playoffs into the super bowl LII, football fans all over the world are bracing for the clash between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. Oftentimes, fans all over the world gather at each others' homes and parties to view the games together; consuming classic food items including buffalo wings, sliders, chicken tenders, nachos, and pigs in a blanket. This year, however, football has made an different appearance on the culinary scene, creating a Super Bowl food feud. 

Considering the presence that cities like Philly and Boston have in the world of food, football fans have taken their loyalty to another level. With this competition blossoming into enmity among cities, locals have resorted to the only other form of competition they know of: food. In order to spite opposing teams, fans have created delicacies mocking their opponents, barred opposing fans from entering their restaurants and stores, and even taken measures to send some of the players witty foodstuffs.

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Gina Marcucci

Take Cinnoti's Bakery, a bakery located in Jacksonville, Florida; the owner sent seven turnovers to Heinz Field in Pittsburgh in order to display his gratitude for the seven turnovers committed by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger when playing against the Jacksonville Jaguars. They even posted a letter on Facebook, saying:

"We wanted to thank you for the amazing season so far. Beating you this year not once BUT twice in the Burgh... well that was amazing! We appreciated the turnovers you gave us over our season so in return we wanted you to get a TASTE of 7 turnovers. So here are our very best Apple, blueberry and Cherry turnovers! Sincerely, the amazing City of Jacksonville or as you know it SACKSONVILLE."

Super Bowl food seems to have a much larger role this year than ever before. Jacksonville is one of many cases where fans exhibited their love for their team and desire to achieve victory through food. 

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In anticipation of the Super Bowl LII, fans in Philadelphia and Boston have started banning the foods and fans from each other's respective cities, regardless of how beloved they may be all across the country, The Esplanade Association of Boston banned all things Philly; prohibiting staples such as cheesesteaks and Philadelphia cream cheese from the city until February 5th. In addition, the park also banned Will Smith and Sylvester Stallone, being that they were natives of Philadelphia. A Boston-based bakery even severed ties with Philadelphia cream cheese indefinitely. Dottie's Donuts, in Philly, created the "Creamed Boston" donut, while also placing a ban on Boston Cream donuts. 

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It is not hard to believe that the fans have gone to such extremes to proclaim their love for their hometown teams and hatred for their opponents, but for it to escalate to a point where foods are being restricted is a complete outrage. Thankfully, many of these restrictions will be lifted after Super Bowl LII is over, and Boston and Philly fans alike will be able to gorge themselves on the delicacies that make their cities so great!