Many people who visit or live in Thailand are most familiar with two regions of Thai cuisine, Northeastern (Isaan) and Central, and odds are if you've had Thai food before then it's probably a dish from these two regions. Isaan food is traditionally served with sticky rice and will usually include grilled meats and spicy salads while Central dishes tend to use a lot of seafood and include a lot of curries. The Eastern food of Thailand is the hardest to find in Bangkok, which is only part of what makes Supanniga Eating Room so special. 

Tessa Domzalski

The owner of the restaurant, Thanaruek Laoraowirodge, was inspired by the traditional Eastern dishes his grandmother made for him as a child. With a desire to reintroduce these lost dishes to Bangkokians, Thanaruek opened Supanniga Eating Room, which is one of the most popular authentic Eastern restaurants in Bangkok. With a focus on quality ingredients and powerful flavors, the dishes at Supanniga Eating Room are delicious and distinctly Eastern while Khunyai's (grandmother's) influence is apparent.

Tessa Domzalski

While at Supanniga Eating Room you should definitely start off with some of their cocktails, which often include fruits that are in-season. I had the mangosteen martini and had to resist the urge to order three more. When it comes to food you have to try their kai look kuey (son-in-law eggs), a traditional Thai dish made with hardboiled eggs and tamarind sauce. You won't be able to find this dish in many other restaurants so you should try it while you can! They also serve a variety of Eastern soups and stews which are incredibly different than any other Thai soups you've tried before. If it's in season you shouldn't miss their version of durian and sticky rice, a traditional Thai dessert which is the perfect end to any Thai meal.

Tessa Domzalski

Even with three different locations across Bangkok you should still reserve a seat at Supanniga Eating Room before you plan on dining there as they're pretty popular. If you want a truly spectacular dining experience you could also check out Supanniga Cruise, which includes a meal along the Chao Praya River and is the perfect place for a date night in Bangkok. 

Supanniga Eating Room (Sathorn)

Phone number: 02-635-0349

Address: 28 Sathorn Soi 10, Bangkok, Thailand

Closest public transportation: BTS Chong Nonsi