I am a chip fanatic, there's no denying it. Chips, you are the salty savior to my stressful life as a college student. My personal favorite? SunChips. An ode to all my late night cravings, SunChips hold a special place in my heart (and stomach). At times, it can be difficult when picking which of the SunChips flavors to indulge in.

For that reason, I decided to rank the tastiest SunChips flavors, and it wasn't easy. Hopefully it won't be as difficult to decide which of the SunChips flavors to snack on in the future. 

5. Sweet & Spicy BBQ

The Sweet & Spicy BBQ SunChips flavor finds itself at the bottom of the rankings, sadly. Don't get me wrong, this flavor of SunChips is every part delicious. But when I'm in the mood for some mind blowing BBQ-flavored chips, SunChips is the last thing that comes to mind. 

4. Garden Salsa

I'm going to be completely honest and admit that Garden Salsa SunChips is a personal favorite. I know what you're thinking: Then why did you rank it in fourth place? This flavor is an acquired taste, and it's not one to be indulged in on a daily basis. Because it's not for everyone, Garden Salsa comes in a solid fourth place. 

3. French Onion

Ah, French Onion. A fan favorite, the SunChips French Onion flavor is executed flawlessly. It's sharp in taste and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. However, the potential to develop bad breath is why French Onion ranks third on the list. This was a tough decision to make, to say the least.

2. Original

Coming in a solid second place, the Original SunChips is the epitome of a salty midday pick-me-up. It's everything a chip should be, and more. Bonus: the Original flavor of Sun Chips is available in Eco-friendly bags. Who knew that eating chips could be environmentally-friendly?

1. Harvest Cheddar

With an abundance of cheese-flavored chips in this world, it's hard to make a name for yourself. Unlike its crunchy competition (think Cheetos and Doritos), SunChips does cheesy chips well with its Harvest Cheddar flavor. Not too overwhelming, the cheesy flavor proves dangerously addicting. This SunChips flavor was the obvious choice for the top spot. After all, it's the company's top-seller.

For my fellow SunChips connoisseurs, I hope this article provided you with some answers. Both healthy (or at least healthier than other chips) and binge-worthy, SunChips flavors will always come out on top compared to the competition. You can't go wrong with a bag of SunChips, whichever flavor it is that you prefer.