It's not secret that summer as a college student is different from summers as a high schooler. As much as we may dread it, we're now legal adults who have to start thinking about our future. That means summers are no longer a three month lazy period marked by a total break from any task that requires any brainpower. Instead, summers are a time to build your resume with classes at another institution, a job, an internship, or some other impressive opportunity. I myself got a job this summer as a personal assistant and am taking two classes at a nearby college.

From personal experience I can confirm that summers as a college student are WAY busier and less carefree. They're still fun, don't get me wrong, but it's not exactly like you have the time to sit in bed and watch Youtube videos for eight hours straight like you used to. Thankfully though, I've come up with a list of the best summer snacks for college students that will get you through the less exhilarating moments of your supposed "time off."  


Gabriela Blanco

Now, I know an energy shot isn't an ideal midday treat, but for an intern or summer school student, it's necessary. And while most energy shots taste like downing a shot of gasoline, THERMO•STRONG's berry blitz flavor tasted like any sweet, refreshing juice. A 2 ounce energy shot made with caffeine, taurine, VitaCholine®, L-theanine, guarana and vitamin B6, THERMO•STRONG is meant to give you long-lasting, feel-good, metabolism-friendly energy. I took it a few mornings before my 8 am calc III class when I was especially not in the mood to be in a classroom on a summer morning. I found I was focused and alert--not  hyper and bouncing off the walls--throughout my 3 hour lecture. And even better, I didn't feel my heart race like when I drink one too many espresso's for the same purpose.

The only problem is that it tastes best cold, so if you're carrying it in your pocket and take it at the end of a long day at the office to reenergize before going out with friends, it might not go down so smoothly. Also, it's only intended for adults in good health, so I wouldn't recommend giving it to your four year old cousin as a candy substitute. Either way, its an ideal summer snack for college students who want to stay awake and enthusiastic as they go through their new summer routines.

Spry Gems

Gabriela Blanco

Ok, you're thinking, now how are mints a snack? But with Spry Gems they are a snack. I tried their berry and spearmint flavors, which were both powerfully flavored, sweet, had no artificial aftertaste like most mints, and left my breath fresh for hours. These mints are sugar free because they're sweetened with xylitol and recommended by dentists to reduce bacteria and help fight cavities. So besides their obvious taste and health benefits, Spry Gems are the perfect summer snack for college students because they keep you in good hygiene, a HUGE part of professionalism, something we have to learn if we expect to be a part of the professional world after graduation.

Spry Gems' portable boxes fit perfectly in your pocket so you can pop them whenever you want. So, on top of keeping you at your peak professional game, these mints are great for tricking your stomach into thinking its full when you have zero time for a meal but your stomach is growling for cheese fries. As a snack, they're the perfect mix of tasty and practical. 

Brother's Ice Cream

Gabriela Blanco

Ice cream is definitely a summer snack, but how can it work for a busy college student stuck in a tiny cubicle full of papers they can't stain with chocolate? As an ice cream sandwich! Ice cream sandwiches are portable, easily held in one hand, less prone to spillage thanks to absorption from the sandwich buns, and can be individually wrapped to avoid the inconvenience of scooping your own ice cream.

My favorite ice cream sandwich brand is Brother's Ice Cream from Brother's Desserts, which was started by--you guessed it--brothers Gary and Errol in 1973 in Southern California. I got to try the Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich and Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich. Both were the perfect size for a snack and tasted as fresh as if I had gone to any ice cream shop and made my own sandwich. The cookie was gooey and chocolatey while the brownie was chewy and rich, and the sweet vanilla ice cream was the perfect pairing with both. I ate them standing outside of my classroom before going into my afternoon chemistry lab and they gave me all the joy I needed to get through my dull titrations and dilutions.

I also got to try Brother's Ice Cream's Mint Ice Cream Bonbons, which were small round balls of mint ice cream surrounded by a hard shell of chocolate, another convenient mess free snack for working college students. The only problem is you need a fridge or some other form of cooling to store them; you can't really walk around with melting ice cream in your pocket all day. Nonetheless, Brother's Ice Cream is a tasty summer snack that makes you feel like a child again after acting so much like an adult the entire day. Not to mention, July is National Ice Cream Month, so you basically have to try these out of respect for your country ;)

LesserEvil Buddha Bowl Popcorn:

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Sara Carte

Last but not least is popcorn, another great snack to keep in mind as a college kid in the summer. Popcorn is delicious, won't annoy coworkers with crunching noises like chips, and can actually be good for you! In fact, LesserEvil Buddha Bowl's  popcorn is gluten free, kosher, non-GMO, and organic. Coming in a variety of flavors like ghee, cheddar, jalapeño honey, and Himalayan pink sea salt, there's no way you can get bored of snacking on this popcorn. And for days when there's so much work you don't have time for a lunch break, crushing a whole bag of their popcorn comes in at around 500 calories, a decent meal replacement. I tried this popcorn in its "classic cheddah" flavor and it was naturally cheesy, had just the right amount of crunch, and felt light on my stomach without making me feel like I'm eating air. So if you're looking to get full fast and enjoy it, you should definitely bring Buddha Bowl's popcorn to whatever summer activity you've signed up for. 

Hopefully this was helpful and you stock up on all the right summer snacks for college students doing jobs, internships, classes, or other resume builders. Happy snacking!