Summer is almost here, so get ready to eat! Here are 17 foods you should definitely enjoy this summer.

1.  Summer=Watermelon, bonus points if you eat the watermelon out of another hollow watermelon.


Photo by Caleb Shipman

2. Do not come back to school in the fall without eating corn on the cob, and don’t you dare cut it off of the cob–you need to have the full experience.

Guide to Grilling

Photo by Bernard Wen


3. That 4th of July cake your mom always makes in the shape of a flag, even though you’d much rather have the chocolate cake dessert.

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4. Grilled Fish…Perfection without smelling up your whole house.

Simple Culinary Allergy Remedies

Photo by Niab Mian

5. Lemonade: the real kind, not Crystal Light or Country Time.

Photo by Kirby Barth

6. Corona(s).

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7. A sandwich you bring to the beach, and no matter how hard you try, there’s always that one sand-contaminated bite.

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8. The mystery potato salad someone brings to the BBQ that you don’t really trust, but you eat anyway.

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9. You must eat one ice cream from the guy with the white coolers at the Jersey Shore.

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10. Whenever seafood is an option, you must get it. And please go to a clam bake.

A Lobster Roll from Dock and Roll

Photo by Christin Urso

11. Popsicles.


Photo by Andre Li

12. Jersey Tomatoes from the stand right off the highway (they taste 100 times better than PA tomatoes and no one knows why).

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13. Shrimp on the barbie.

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14. Water Ice.

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15. At least one drink with a tacky little umbrella.

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16. Shish kabobs. Nom nom nom.

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17. Spit the pits out of fresh cherries and attempt to tie the stem into a knot in your mouth.


Photo by Andrea Kang

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