If you’re anything like me, sitting by the pool with a drink in your hand is the perfect remedy to a hot summer day. Yes, there’s nothing like a Corona and lime (especially when paired with tacos), but not everyone likes a beer straight out of the bottle. It’s so blah and the arrival of summer deserves something with a little more jazz.

These easy, breezy drinks will satisfy your thirst while adding some flavor to your relaxing day by the pool.


summer drink

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For those of you who don’t know what a shandy is (because to be honest, I didn’t until a few weeks ago), it’s a light beer mixed with a soft drink or flavored juice such as lemonade, ginger ale or apple juice. The Curious Traveler and Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy are both great options and taste like summer in a bottle.


summer drink

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If you are more of a wine person, sangria is the perfect poolside drink. For a classic with red wine, try grilling your fruit beforehand for an added smoky taste or turn it into a sangria slushy. If you fancy yourself some white, try something new and make a peach sangria.

Dark ‘n’ Stormy

summer drink

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This cocktail requires just three ingredients and then you have yourself an instant party in a glass. Get yourself a tall glass and pour 2 ounces of Gosling’s or Meyer’s dark rum over 5 ounces of ginger beer and squeeze a lime over the top (here’s the recipe to make it a little easier).


summer drink

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Originally from the UK, beer’s sweet, sweet friend hard cider has swept the nation. This is a crisp and refreshing drink and there are now numerous different brands and flavors that can cure your sweet tooth. Try mixing up your favorite cider with this sangria recipe.


summer drink

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A snakebite is what they call a beer cocktail and it requires caution. Some bartenders in the UK won’t even serve them, but no one can stop you if you make them yourself. Simply two ingredients–equal parts cider and lager–and it will go down smoother than that beer you were thinking about.


summer drink

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Feelin’ bubbly and a little bit fancy? Treat yo’ self to this pretty pink cocktail that originated in Venice, Italy. Purée a few ripe white peaches, fresh lemon juice and sugar and pour the mixture over a bottle of chilled Prosecco. Use this recipe and stay peachy keen, jellybean. Oh, and if you want another reason to pop open a bottle of bubbly, try these mimosas.

Summer Shack

summer drink

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Alright, alright, I know these look a little girly, but a pitcher of them will make your house feel like a summer shack. Picking up some gin and your fav Sauvignon Blanc is the easy part, but this drink requires a few bougie ingredients: Lillet Blanc, Elderflower liqueur and simple syrup.

Here’s the recipe so you can whip up a chic batch for that perfect pool party you’re throwing to celebrate the start of summer.

Guinness Cream Soda

summer drink

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If you’re a Guinness lover but want to tone down the bite, add some sweetness and make it a Guinness cream soda. This only requires some vanilla liqueur, ginger liqueur, and club soda. Follow this recipe and then maybe even add some ice cream to make it a float for a perfect throwback to your childhood.

Summer Hoedown

summer drink

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This cocktail is a little bit fancier, but will make you feel like you are on an island in paradise. Simply grab yourself a ripe watermelon–or make great use of your leftovers–and your blender, and follow this recipe for the perfect refreshment.

If your single poolside drink turned into a full on darty, eat these foods to avoid that horrible, impending hangover.