Sometimes all it takes is a fun drink to get you in that summer state of mind. You may be wondering where you can find affordable, beachy drinks on a daily basis. I’ll admit, finding them might be a hard task, but making them is easier than you might think. Here are some easy DIY drinks that only cost a swipe at the dining hall.

Arnold Palmer


Photo by Malia Hu

Fill your cup half with lemonade and half with sweetened iced tea to feel like you’re chilling on the patio after a round of golf.

Chocolate Milkshake


Photo by Malia Hu

Two scoops of chocolate ice cream and some milk are all you need to give yourself a brain freeze and happy summer vibes.

Passion Guava Spritzer


Photo by Malia Hu

Passion guava juice has recently hit the juice dispensers at Allison, and I could not be more excited. Fill your cup halfway with the juice and halfway with Sprite for a yummy (alcohol-free) spritzer. If pineapples happen to be available that day, try cutting some up and adding them to the drink for a classy feel.

Root Beer Float


Photo by Malia Hu

Plop a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream into a glass filled with root beer. If you’re feeling adventurous, try making a Coke or Dr. Pepper float. Warning: these may leave you feeling nostalgic for your childhood.

Honey Lemon Iced Tea


Photo by Malia Hu

Stir some honey into a glass of iced tea. No lemons in the dining hall? Try adding a touch of lemonade to the mix for extra sweetness.

Cranberry Spritzer


Photo by Malia Hu

Enjoy this refreshing, alcohol-free beverage by mixing cranberry juice and sprite together. It’s that easy.