Ever been bored with your typical breakfast cereal? Sugarfina, a candy boutique mostly known for their alcoholic gummies, is launching a new line of sweets and chocolate bars the whole fam can enjoy. The new line, called “Candy For Breakfast,” is inspired by breakfast cereals and is a seriously cute concept. The line features six treats, including “Fruity Loops," a “Cinnamon Cereal Chocolate Bar,” and “Gummy Eggs."

The store officially launched the Candy For Breakfast line on June 28, and I had the opportunity to get my hands on them. Here’s a brief overview of the latest items in Sugarfina’s anticipated line.

Fruity Cereal Chocolate Bar

Jennifer Suryadjaja

This pale pink chocolate bar with fruity cereal and rainbow sprinkles is practically begging to be in your Instagram feed. You can taste the mild fruity flavor in every bite. Like the other bars, this one is not overly sweet.

#SpoonTip: All of the chocolate bars have a white chocolate base.

Marshmallow Cereal Chocolate Bar

Jennifer Suryadjaja

Sugarfina’s take on Lucky Charms features a festive, green chocolate bar topped with cereal. The airy texture of the marshmallow cereal works well with the crunchy texture of the colorful rainbow sprinkles. Bottom line, it looks as fun as it tastes, and it's definitely a party in your mouth.

Cinnamon Cereal Chocolate Bar

Jennifer Suryadjaja

If you love Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you’ll appreciate this chocolate bar. The rich flavor of cinnamon cereal mixes well with the white chocolate base. I initially thought it would be overwhelmingly sweet, but to my surprise, it has just the right balance of flavor.

Fruity Loops

Jennifer Suryadjaja

As you might have guessed, this cereal candy was inspired by the popular cereal Fruit Loops. Similar to the Cinnamon Crunchies, the Fruity Loops have a crispy cereal center covered in milk chocolate and a fruity candy shell. To add more variety, each color has its own distinct taste. There are different aromas and aftertastes from each color, too. 

Gummy Eggs

Jennifer Suryadjaja

According to a salesperson at my local Sugarfina retail store, this candy was inspired by a former collab with Sanrio (the makers of Hello Kitty) nearly two years ago. Back then, the line featured Gudetama Lazy Gummy Eggs, which actually inspired this entire line. 

Since the character Gudetama’s favorite drink is orange juice, the Gummy Eggs have a sweet, but subtle citrusy taste. It’s a spin-off from the usual gummy bears you're used to.

Cinnamon Crunchies

Jennifer Suryadjaja

Who fancies cinnamon toast for breakfast? Cinnamon Crunchies is a cereal candy with a cinnamon-infused crunch in its core, covered with a layer of milk chocolate and a cinnamon-flavored hard shell. It has such a strong cinnamon flavor; you can’t sleep on this candy.

Jennifer Suryadjaja

Overall, Sugarfina’s new line of breakfast candies is a genius concept, and they’re all pretty Instagrammable. I wouldn’t turn down the chance to snack on these tempting treats again. You can get them online through Sugarfina's website or find the a Sugarfina boutique near you and hurry down before breakfast is over.