Stuffed is a company started in 2014 where they transform cookies into a new creation. they are based in Los Angeles and sell over 10 different cookie flavors online through their website. With their various options, it can be difficult to decide what flavors to choose when sending a gift. As a result, I decided to do a stuffed cookie ranking to make shoppers have an easier time picking out their selection

1. S'mores Cookie

I was pleasantly surprised by this cookie. S'mores flavored desserts can display endless possibilities which made me skeptical of liking this cookie. The directions said to heat the cookie up in the microwave for 15 seconds. This allowed the marshmallow filling to become gooey on the inside. As well as the chocolate melted making this cookie messy but delicious.  after taking my first bite I fell in love with this cookie. They made the absolute best s'mores cookie I've ever tasted! It has all the components it needed the melted chocolate, graham cracker and the gooey marshmallow. Not much can compare to this delicious and decadent dessert.

2. Nutella Chocolate Chunk Cookie

This cookie was also one of my favorites! Stuffed took a new approach to a classic chocolate chip cookie. What can be better than that...except when you add a gooey Nutella filling to the center. When heated up the cookie becomes mushy and chocolatey goodness. This cookie is a MUST when ordering Stuffed cookies! If you are a chocolate chip cookie lover this is the one for you. Another aspect of this cookie that makes it undeniable are the HUGE chocolate chunks on top. Not only is there a gooey inside with Nutella, the chocolate chunks add more chocolate goodness that is irresistible to any cookie lover.

3.  Oreo Bday Cake cookie

When I think of this cookie I think sprinkles, sprinkles and more sprinkles! Which in my opinion makes everything better. Then inside for the filling of the cookie, it has cookie butter. This filling enhances the cookie flavor by adding even more cookie! On top of the cookie butter filling, the cookie is loaded with Oreo crumbles. This makes it cookie overload! all together the Oreos sprinkles and cookie butter all combine to make a delicious cookie that I would definitely get for any occasion you purchase these cookies for!

4. Cereal 'N Milk Cookie

If your a cereal lover this cookie is a great option. It has a vanilla brown butter cookie with sugary fruity pebbles covering the top. The cereal topping makes the cookie crispy and sweet which gives the cookie a great flavor! Then it has a white chocolate filling. When I tried this cookie I decided to not heat it up. I feel this was a big mistake. I missed out of the cookie becoming gooey and the white chocolate melting inside the cookie. As a result, I feel I can't properly rank this cookie. However, I can say that at room temperature, this cookie still satisfies my sweet tooth! Next time I try this cookie I plan to heat it up in order to get the full effect of a Stuffed cookie.

5.  Slutty Cookie

I had high expectations for this cookie because who doesn't love a warm gooey slutty brownie. However, this cookie was quite different. it had a caramel filling with caramel chips on top. when heated up the caramel became melted in the center of the cookie. I do like caramel in most cases however it was different with this cookie I don't think the flavors matched or related to a slutty brownie. I think this could've been good without relating it to a slutty brownie. These brownies don't contain any caramel so my expectations were higher than they should've been. I think instead of the caramel, they should've added a chocolate fudge center which would make a gooey chocolate filling when heated up. However, I can't deny how good they look!

6. Strawberry Cheesecake Cookie

I may not be the perfect person to rank this because of my lack of taste for strawberry and cheesecake but I was not a fan of this cookie. I like my baked goods chocolatey and gooey and this cookie failed at that. The overall cookie was sweet and the graham cracker flavor did blend it all together nicely. However, compared to their various other flavors I would choose those in a heartbeat over this one. If you're a chocolate fan I would go for the chocolate filling ones instead of this one. You won't regret it, as this does not compare to the deliciousness of those cookies.

I am excited to try more of their crazy cookie creations and add them to my stuffed cookie rankings!