We all have those days when we feel like no matter what we do, we can't concentrate on what we are supposed to be studying. Or we have those moments when we would rather watch paint dry than write a history paper on World War II.

Something that always helps me stay motivated and focused is having something to snack on while doing homework. But not just any snack can do the job, every class requires certain foods that get the creative juices flowing. These are some snacks you should try while studying for exams, according to what you're studying.

History: Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids

atlnav on Flickr

Let's face it, you're going to need a snack that will keep you awake as you try to figure out what England was doing during the 1800s.

Try a snack like Sour Patch Kids to help you get through all of the boring reading that comes along with taking a history class. The sourness of this candy wakes you up and the sweetness will give you a sugar rush that will help keep you awake. 

Spanish: Chips and Guacamole

They say when trying to understand a language better you should immerse yourself in the culture, so while studying up on irregular verbs, try snacking on chips and guac. Sure, the types we have here will be Americanized, but at least you will be trying to get in the same state of mind as those from Mexico.  

Communication: Coffee Cake

cake, chocolate, apple
Maya Giaquinta

The point of communication classes is to become more comfortable with expressing your opinions and connecting it to people and places. So, while studying for communication, try to snack on coffee cake. Coffee cake is the type of food that you eat while connecting with others, so it will be perfect for studying and practicing how to converse with those around you. 

Chemistry: Pop Rocks

Danielle Weinstein

When trying to think like a chemist the most logical snack to have is Pop Rocks, of course. OK, so maybe there is no actual scientific correlation between Pop Rocks and chemistry, but the faint "popping" sound will have you fooled long enough to study for your upcoming exam. 

Philosophy: Cannoli

Is the filling or shell made first when cannoli's are being made? What is the essence of this cannoli? Did it choose to be a cannoli or is it conforming to society? These questions are essentially what every philosophy class consists of. Try having a cannoli while studying for philosophy, and it will get you into a delicious and philosophical state of mind. 

Math: Coffee

coffee, milk, cappuccino, espresso, cream, mocha
Kellyn Simpkins

You will most likely need a pick-me-up to help you power through doing all of your calculus problems. Having a coffee or any caffeinated drink from your favorite place will help you power through. Dunkin' Donuts' iced coffee and Starbucks' cafe mochas are my personal favorites. 

Accounting: Donuts

chocolate, sprinkles
Caroline Grew

Accounting may be a tough class to get through, especially for those of us who only have to take the class because it is required. Try snacking on donuts while you study accounting for an instant mood booster and for insight on living the office life.   

English: Tea and Scones

sweet, pastry, coffee, cake, pie, bread
Courtney Lailey

English classes normally come along with a lot of reading, so be sure to have some tea and scones as you make your way through your stack of books. This snack is prefect for those taking a British Literature course, as it will make you feel like Jane Austen is telling you the story instead of you reading it. Or at least we can pretend. 

Sometimes having a good snack is the only thing that can help you get motivated to do your school work. Have your favorite snacks on hand while studying to help you finish out the semester strong.