It's been a tough week for those of us that pat ourselves on the back for being super healthy after skipping the Papa John's line in favor of a Subway sandwich.

The Meat of the Situation

According to a recent study in Canada, Subway chicken contains only about 50 percent actual chicken. Usually, I expect my meat to have a higher score than my last exam, but we can't have it all in life.

The Class Average

The study also tested chicken from restaurants such as Wendy's & McDonald's. Mickey D's scored a 84.9 percent while Wendy's came out on top with an 88.5 percent. While no one here has a 4.0, the study points out that scores in this range can be attributed to outside factors such as seasoning.

What is in there, then?

Don't fret, Subway isn't pumping green slime into their sandwiches. The study concluded that soy was a large component in the meat. Although it is a reasonable wish to expect your meat to contain mostly meat, things could be worse. Subway has denied these claims altogether and has since completed their own study because they think this is all totally bogus (not a direct quote).

Is Mickey D's the move?

While it is sad that our once glowing beacon of healthy fast food glory has been dethroned, let us not lose hope. It's important to remember that even the 'good' fast food joints can be a bit sketchy at times. Soy is actually pretty poppin' and most of the restaurants tested have released statements against the study, so it might deserve a second look. 

Overall, don't take your meal swipes elsewhere just yet. Subway still loves you and it's still healthier than a fifth of Brunettes and a 1 am trip to Cook Out. So keep the faith and if all else fails, we still have Panera.