This summer, after falling victim to the freshman 15, a friend of mine went on a health kick. She tried out a ton of healthy recipes, some of which tasted pretty normal. One of the recipes she found online really freaked me out, though: chickpea blondies. Baking chickpeas into a dessert seemed to go against humanity. I tried them (reluctantly), but my opinion was tampered by the fact that I knew the secret ingredient.


Photo by Sydney Segal

I wanted to find out how people would react to these blondies without knowing what they were made with. I decided to bake both these blondies and black beans brownies. My Spoon chapter and my lacrosse team were my unknowing guinea pigs. I simply told them that I was trying out a new recipe and wanted their feedback.


Photo by Sydney Segal

The overall opinion of the blondies and brownies? Surprisingly tasty!

“Oooh, I like it!”

“It tastes different… good, but different.”

“I kinda wanna take another.”

“They’re good, but taste really healthy. Are they whole-wheat?”

One friend was confident that she figured out the secret:

“There is definitely Raisin Bran in these.”

When I revealed to my taste-testers that the brownies and blondies were in fact baked with beans and chickpeas, their reactions were mixed. Some of the samplers were happy; they liked that they had actually enjoyed a healthier dessert option.

“They’re good, especially considering what’s in them!”

“You would NEVER know!”

Others were kind of grossed out, confused as to what they had just consumed.


“Why am I eating this…?”

One tester’s reaction summed up the experiment beautifully:

“If you had told me what was in them, I definitely wouldn’t have tried them.”

If you’re looking for a healthy dessert, try these out. They’re tasty, a great way to get protein while satisfying your sweet tooth, and a fun way to freak out your kale-hating, anti-health food friend.


Photo by Sydney Segal