Who doesn’t love pizza? The gooey cheese, the chewy crust, and combined with a perfect marinara sauce, it’s a perfect combination. Yeah, I bet you can’t think of anyone who would deny a slice. The students at Boston University are definitely not an exception. To put this to the test, I posted a Pizza Poll on several different BU student Facebook pages with these different options and let them vote for their favorites. I also interviewed a couple students about their favorite places and asked them what they loved about their favorite pizza. With a total of 75 votes in the entire poll, here are how the students rated the best pizza places around BU:

1. T Anthony’s


Photo by Aarthi Chezian

Ranking: #1

Taste: 4.5/5

Cheesiness: 4/5

T’s got the most votes by far. With a total of 51 votes, it is obvious that this is a student favorite. Several students commented on the fact that they can always rely on T’s whether they want some pizza for lunch or mozzarella sticks at 2 AM (which are my personal favorite). It also was praised for its cheesiness and the chewy crust. Your best bet is to order a whole pizza for your entire group of friends instead of a slice each.

2. Otto’s


Bacon, mashed potato, and scallion pizza #omnomnom

A photo posted by Sara (@sarajlim) on Sep 5, 2015 at 10:46am PDT

Ranking: #2

Taste: 3/5

Cheesiness: 3/5

Coming in at second place, Otto’s pizza got a total of 21 votes. One comment about this pizza was the fact that it was too thin, making it flimsy, and easy for the toppings to slide right off. However, one thing that they did well, was having a free pizza deal. For the first month of school, if you ordered Otto’s online with the code movein15, you were eligible to receive a free small cheese pizza. That definitely beats out the competition because duh, who doesn’t love free pizza. Apart from that, Otto has many different and unique toppings like bacon and mashed potatoes.

3. Domino’s Pizza


Photo by Aarthi Chezian

Ranking: #3

Taste: 3.75/5

Cheesiness: 3.5/5

To be honest, I was surprised that Domino’s didn’t get many votes. with a total of 2 votes, this was the second least favorite among BU students. One taster complimented their garlic flavored crust, but also added that their pizza was very greasy. The second student commented that their cheese wasn’t completely melted, like other pizzas. I have to say I disagree since this is my personal favorite, and the 5.99 mix and match deal is my life, but the students have spoken, and Domino’s is not a crowd pleaser.

4. Boston House of Pizza


Photo by Kellyn Simpkins

Ranking: #4

Taste: 2.5/5

Cheesiness: 3/5

Sadly, Boston House of Pizza came in last with only one vote. The student who did vote for this pizza said that their pizza was tasty, but they only preferred it because it was cheaper than T’s. The one thing you can count on with BHP is their variety. I mean seriously, if you look at their menu the options are practically endless. Although this one taster appreciated their cheesy pizza, it wasn’t good enough to make the cut.