Sunday nights on the hill have had a bad rep for some time now. Whether you’re nursing a headache, cramming in work before a deadline, or binge watching Netflix- we’ve all felt that end- of-the-weekend depression one way or another.

Once a cure for Sundays, the beloved Deli can no longer provide that much needed comfort food on this dreaded day. A greasy sausage, egg and cheese on an everything bagel is a distant memory, leaving us with a much needed void to fill.

What is the solution to make Sunday blues a thing of the past?

Homemade, high quality, and tasty- Sunday Night Nibbles, a

student-run food delivery service, is the answer to all your problems.

Meet the Chefs

Founded this semester by August Corper (‘21) and co-run by Willa Moore (‘19) and Uli Schwendener (‘19), Sunday Night Nibbles is campus’s newest dining option. Every Sunday night these culinary geniuses will craft the most tasteful dishes and deliver them right to your door. You no longer have to choose between going hungry or Peirce because Sunday Night Nibbles will have a warm, nourishing and nutritious meal waiting for you.

After living on his own this summer, August found a new passion for cooking and developed “a love for the intensely meditative aspect of cooking”. He found himself inviting friends over for dinner on a regular basis, giving him the idea to turn ‘cooking for friends’ into a functioning business. He felt frustrated by the feeling of isolation that came with each Sunday and wanted to provide Kenyon with the joy of homemade cooking.

What's cooking?

When he returned back to campus, he gathered a team and began marketing on Instagram with the promise of a new dish each Sunday night. To ensure a variety of tastes, they undergo recipe development sessions each week. Their mission is to create a unique rice bowl variation with add-ons each week, emphasizing nutritional value and fulfilling ingredients. Any order can be customized to fit one’s appetite or dietary needs. They hope to expand their menu and plan to provide side dishes or “snack items” in the future for an additional cost.

Sunday Night Nibbles is dedicated to providing meals that are fresh, cheap and delivered in a timely fashion. They buy most ingredients from Walmart, allowing them to craft quality meals at a low price for students. Thus far, August finds that their greatest challenge has been executing preparation, cooking, and delivery in the most efficient manner. They currently rely on their immediate team and the help of their friends, but hope to grow as they attract more customers.

So how can I get one of those?

If you haven’t already, follow Sunday Night Nibbles on Instagram (@sunday_night_nibbles) and stay tuned for their next featured dish! They receive all their orders through Instagram direct message and accept payment through Venmo (@August-Corper). And if you're lucky enough, your meal may include a free bottle of wine. 

So spice up the end of your weekend with a homemade meal created by your fellow students and plan on placing an order this Sunday night!