We’re in a world where everything runs on caffeine. And, as college students, we’re probably responsible for raking in half of Starbuck’s profit. But when you’re like me and hate that stuff, and when you find another kindred coffee-hating soul, you can’t help but bond together and share the struggles you both experience.

One of the things I face on a daily basis (or whenever I tell people I don’t drink coffee) is having to look at their facial expressions. It usually ranges from a distressed-unbelievable face to anything that resembles a disgusted-how-dare-you-be-in-my-presence kind of face.

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But just because you don’t drink coffee doesn’t mean you stop going into coffee shops or cute cafes. We all know that’s where the action happens. Whether you want have a catch-up session with friends or find yourself a nice little study spot to nerd out in, coffee shops are the bomb.

The problem though is that you kind of have to make an effort looking in their menu to find something that isn’t coffee-based. Which ultimately means you end up ordering chai latte. Every. Single. Time.

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Sometimes, it gets to the point where you kind of have to pretend that you actually do drink coffee, just to join in the conversation about how caffeine-deprived you are.

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Let’s not even mention the whole agony of trying to know your coffees. To this day I’m still confused about the difference between americano and espresso… don’t even get me started on all the rest.

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On the plus side…

We save a ton of money. Coffees, lattes and the like can rack up a pretty big bill if you rely on them every day. Also, you don’t even need to think about getting yourself an espresso machine. Talk about saving money and space in your tiny-hole-in-the-wall apartment.

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Just because you’re not well-versed in the language of coffee doesn’t mean you aren’t knowledgable in other areas. Often times, coffee haters are tea enthusiasts, which means we stock up on all things tea related: tea pots, tea cups, tea leave filters—you know name, we’ve got it. Drinking tea beats drinking coffee, and here are 10 reasons why to prove I’m not alone.

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And let us not forget that you most likely get a better night’s sleep than your friends who are high on coffee. Once your head hits the pillow it’s game over.

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