We all have those holiday foods that, to put it simply, we don’t want f#%&ed with. Whether it’s your traditional turkey or your favorite holiday dessert, some things are best left alone. That’s where the food industry comes in: to mess with everything right in the world. 2014 was filled with festive food fads that reinforced this idea that some foods should not be toyed with.

Christmas Pudding Pizza

A popular UK dessert made with various dried fruits, Christmas pudding is making its way around the world and onto pizzas everywhere. Gone are the days of simple one-topping pizzas, fruit is kicking pepperoni’s ass to the curb.

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Photo Courtesy of Mayfair Pizza Company

Turkey and Stuffing Flavored Doughnuts

We reported this doughnut phenomenon before Thanksgiving, but we think it is definitely one of the weirdest festive food fads of 2014, so it needed to mentioned once again. While the idea of eating a full Thanksgiving meal for breakfast is tempting, I can safely say this is one festive food fad I would love to say goodbye to in 2015.

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Courtesy of Metro News

Holiday Flavored Booze

While uniquely flavored booze has always been crowding shelves of grocery stores, the amount of festively flavored beverages hit an all time high in 2014. From peppermint bark to pumpkin pie there is a holiday inspired spirit for you. Whether you are craving chocolate flavored whiskey or looking to wash down that turkey with cranberry flavored vodka, you’ll find the what you need on the shelves of your local liquor store.

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Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Brussel Sprout Snacks

A traditional holiday veggie, the brussel sprout is, well, sprouting out from the typical table topper to other food mediums. From juices to sprout chips, these green guys are everywhere. So ask mom to skip the sprouts this year, and opt for a different veggie. After all, brussel sprouts are so 2014.

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Photo courtesy of bonappetit.com


While we aren’t entirely sure how the TurDunkin’ came to be, we are pretty certain a turkey should never be covered in a coffee glaze and brightly colored sprinkles.

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Photo courtesy of instructables.com

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice has found its way into literally every food group, so it’s only natural it found a place on this list of strange festive food fads as well. From sodas to Pringles, the pumpkin spice trend has truly taken over 2014. We’re hoping that the new year is brought in with a nationwide pumpkin spice ban (Except at Starbucks. You keep doing you.), so that 2015 will not be plagued by this obnoxious food fad.

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Photo by Smita Jain

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