That time of year is here once again. It's what everyone waits for. It's the day where it's actually acceptable to eat until you drop. Let Stranger Things break down how it's going to go.

The day for me is broken down into stages, starting when I wake up and ending when I can't move anymore. This year I was watching Stranger Things and decided the kids from the show truly exemplify the 7 stages I (and many others) go through on Thanksgiving.

1.  Excitement

The day is finally here. You wake up in the morning and can smell the cooking already happening downstairs. Jump out of bed and prepare for the day of feasting. 

2. Preparation

Obviously you skip breakfast so you have enough room for the big meal. So while you're hangry and waiting for the rest of the family to arrive you get ready for the day. You pull yourself together so the annual intense questioning period by your family about your life isn't so terrible.


The bell is rung, it's time to eat. You get on the buffet line and fill your plate until it can't be piled safely any higher. You continue to eat and ignore the rest of the family as they give you strange looks for eating like it's your first time around food.

4. Food Coma

You've done it, you finished the meal. You realized that second helping of stuffing may not have been the best decision. Now you struggle to the couch and you can't  move anymore. 

5. Nap time

You finished the meal and now everyone is sitting around watching football. You sit on the couch trying to take a quick nap, but every time you close your eyes a different family member is trying to talk to you. Don't they know you just need to nap so you have room for dessert?

6. Desert time

You've risen from your nap and it's still Thanksgiving so there is still eating to be done. Just when you think you might not be able to eat anymore out come the pies, cakes, and cookies. At this point you might just need to push grandma aside to get to the food.

7. Exercise time

Thanksgiving has come and gone. You wake up the next morning and see that your food belly is still there so what's left to do? Clearly it's exercise time

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Samantha Brensilber

Thanksgiving is here once again. Although Stranger Things may not have had a Thanksgiving episode, Eleven definitely feels the same way about a hamburger as we do about eating pie.