Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to break out your fanciest looking pair of stretchy-pants. You need some wiggle room to accommodate all the yumminess that will fill your belly come Turkey Day. If you haven't picked out your Thanksgiving #OOTD yet, fear not. Stove Top (yes, the Stuffing brand) has officially created "Thanksgiving Dinner Pants" for maximum feasting comfort.

Photo courtesy of Stove Top

The pants, a vibrant maroon hue, have a stylish stuffing-print waistband, are engineered to allow for maximum stretch around the waist area.

Photo Courtesy Stove Top

And yes, the whole family can get in on this look! The pants are unisex and are available in sizes S-XL for $19.98 (shipping & handling included) on the aptly named

The stuffing company also created a hilarious infomercial for the pants, which you can view below and send your friends to spread the joy. 

Thanks to these "high fashion" Stove Top Thanksgiving Dinner Pants, the elasticity of your waistband will never be a limiting factor in your eating abilities again.