The beginning of the semester is great. Your mom just brought down all your favorite groceries to stock your cabinets and you’re eating three real meals a day instead of coffee for breakfast, a granola bar for lunch and cereal for dinner. But then after a week of constant snacking and drunk eating, your shelves are mysteriously bare again. By following these tips, you’ll be a pro at stocking your cabinet and staying full in no time.

Pantry Essentials:


Photo by Maggie Gorman

If you follow the recommended serving size (think the palm of your hand), then you can make a bag last for a couple of weeks. Mix some into yogurt, add it to milk and berries or just eat it plain; and rest assured the fiber will keep you full.

Canned Beans:

Canned foods like beans are a great pantry stocker for those cold winter months. Photo by Caty Schnack

You can easily add half a cup of beans to any meal for added flavor and a nutritional boost. Cans are easy to store for long periods of time, can be kept in the fridge once opened and come in a wide variety. High in fiber and protein, beans can liven up eggs in the morning, be mixed into snack dips like guac or salsa or can be served with rice and grilled chicken at dinner.


Frozen Berries:

Photo by Hannah Lin

Significantly cheaper than buying fresh berries, frozen berries can be purchased at the supermarket, CVS and campus convenience stores. Store them in the freezer for months and defrost a handful at a time for smoothies, as an oatmeal toping or a study snack.

Non Dairy Milk:

Photo by Kendra Valkema

Non dairy milk like almond or rice milk doesn’t have to be refrigerated until opened and is a delicious and healthy alternative to dairy milk. Buy a Costco pack of cartons to line the back of your shelves, and only open as needed. Pro tip: mix in cocoa powder for the ultimate chocolate milk.

Spices and Nuts:

Photo by Rachael Ferriera

Spices and nuts have an extremely long shelf life and are great additions to any meal. When your Easy Mac is feeling a little bland, throw in some garlic and chili powder for a spicy kick.

What To Avoid:

For the most part, jumbo packs of anything can be a bad idea leading to “MOM, I just accidentally ate mold, what do I do?”  As much as you think you like Canadian bacon, chances are, you aren’t going to finish 3 dozen slices before the expiration date.