This is the first Passover I have spent away from my family. Yes, I miss the family dinners and cousin-time, but what may be the hardest is keeping kosher for Passover away from home. For those who don’t know, Passover is the Jewish holiday which includes an 8-day fast of all risen bread. Rules vary between temple and family, but generally, this includes bread, pasta, rice, and other gluten-y items.

Matzo is traditionally eaten during this week, which is a sad mix between a cracker and stale bread. This article is dedicated to my fellow college Jews, without a breadless home-cooked meal each night, and whose dinning halls have failed them. Here's how to still enjoy eating on State Street while honoring Pesach.


Chipotle’s salads are a wildly underrated option, but come in especially handy this week. Simply substitute that rice base for lettuce, and continue heaping on the normal assortment of veggies, cheese, salsas, etc. Grab some extra guac and queso because who doesn't love matzo nachos?


In a similar spirit, Glaze offers teriyaki bowls which rice base can be replaced with fresh greens. Choice of protein includes salmon, chicken, and veggies. Glaze is one of my favorites on State Street because it sits at the intersection of healthy, filling, and easy. 

Mad Seafood Broiler

Sushi is a staple of my diet. Initially bummed at the absence of one of my favorite foods, I discovered any roll at Mad Seafood Broiler can be wrapped in cucumber as opposed to rice. A protein-packed meal of fresh fish completely Kosher sans rice. 

Salads Up

No croutons? No problem! When enjoying a salad this week, simply opt for sesame seeds for that desired crunch. Croutons will be waiting for you. Salads Up offers plenty of salad toppers to swap out, such as cranberries, seeds and nuts. 


Adamah, located directly next to Hillel, is a go-to for Israeli and Mediterranean grub right here in Madison. Not only does Hillel offer Passover dinners, but Adamah's regular menu has many Kosher options. For a little taste of Seder, opt for the matzo ball soup– a heavy matzo ball in hot, flavorful broth. It doesn't have to be a high holiday to enjoy this dish. 

Don't be bummed you're finishing midterms as opposed to slurping down matzo ball soup with the family (okay, you can be a little sad), but instead enjoy the food of State Street– Kosher for Passover.