On a Wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again...

While it is a Friday, seeing the partnership between Taylor Swift and Starbucks has surely brightened the day of coffee-loving Swifties everywhere.

Starting with a sneaky Twitter bio change from the Starbucks account and rumors spreading from current Starbucks workers, Swift fans took Twitter by storm earlier this week with their usual investigating skills. Finally, the iconic coffee company took to social media to officially announce its collaboration with Taylor Swift.

To celebrate the groundbreaking re-release of her fourth studio album, Red (Taylor’s Version), Swift collaborated with Starbucks. Her drink, the “Nonfat Caramel Latte (Taylor's Version),” is out only this weekend, from Nov. 12 to 14.

The drink, —also known as “Taylor’s Latte” — is available to order in-store or drive-thru at participating locations across the nation. Other than the drink drop, Starbucks has also created a festive Red-themed Spotify playlist that is currently on repeat at the participating locations.

According to speculation, this specific drink is Swift’s usual coffee order, making it even more exciting for superfans to sip on the steamy, fall themed beverage while letting the new music settle in. Fans had been on edge with Swift’s usually sneaky Easter eggs, starting with this Instagram post she shared in late October, picturing her sipping on a Starbucks drink.

Following this, the coffee chain tweeted a reference to Swift’s album name about four days ago, sparking the interest of Swift superfans to connect the dots. Fan accounts began investigating and uncovering the upcoming collaboration before the chain could even announce the exciting news

To make a Long Story Short, make sure you Run to your nearest participating Starbucks in the next two days to snatch one of those Red cups before they run out!