Caffeine pretty much powers the nation, and Starbucks is one of America’s most popular refueling stations. Without coffee, many of us are reduced to groping blindly through the morning brain fog until we get our daily fix. As a result of this dependence, a lot of people tend to correlate the size of their cup of joe with the amount of sleep they’re running on: less shut-eye, more coffee.

Since most college students are hitting a nightly average far below the recommended eight hours, I’ve heard Starbucks' tall size get a lot of hate. Like, "Why settle for 12 ounces when you can get a 16-ounce grande for just a quarter more?" Or, "What’s the point of even buying coffee if you’re just getting a tall?" And even, "When is Starbucks coming out with an IV drip?"

Personally, I’ve never understood why a Starbucks' tall is so under-appreciated. It’s the underdog of the coffee franchise; it has so much to offer, but people won’t give it a chance. Here are a few reasons I embrace the tall life, and you should, too.

It gets the job done

I don’t know about you, but I drink hot bean water for one reason and one reason only: caffeine. I’m in it for that extra kick. The tall clocks in at 260 mg, which is nearly double the amount of an average cup of coffee. That’s enough to get you through your 8 am and carry you straight into lunch. 

It actually stays hot

There’s a reason travel mugs are insulated: no one likes cold coffee. At Starbucks, the bigger the drink, the faster you have to gulp it down before it cools off. Every time I buy a grande or venti, the extra coffee I’m paying for is typically lukewarm by the time I get there. The tall is compact enough that it stays piping hot all the way through.

It doesn’t break the bank

It’s no secret that Starbucks isn’t cheap. It’s frighteningly easy to burn through more than five dollars in a single trip. Sticking with the tall keeps you within your budget while satisfying your need for a jolt of energy.

It's better for your health

One of the best things about Starbucks is the variety of flavors it offers. From Peppermint Mochas to Green Tea Frappes, it can be hard to choose just one. But these sweet drinks can really add up in sugar and calories. Keeping things tall lets you enjoy the coffee you want without the guilt.          

Next time you hit up Starbucks, don’t be tempted to judge a drink by its size. Try switching up your go-to order and try a tall—xyou might be surprised.