Can you ever really have enough Starbucks locations? Just a few months ago, anyone trying to get their Grande Soy Chai Latte would have to brave the rain and haul down to 13th between classes, usually ending their journey with a wait in the notorious long coffee line. The new Starbucks location in the EMU has definitely helped with this problem and become the coffee-centric anchor of the campus, but the job is not yet done. What about all the East Eugene latte lovers? Where are they to turn when it’s 8:30 at night and all they need is a caffeine fix and a study spot? Are they to make the treacherous journey across campus, through freezing rain and vast puddles, just for their Tall Flat White? According to Starbucks, no. That’s why the Seattle-based coffee giant will be opening its newest location at 1895 Franklin, across from the Matthew Knight Arena, sometime this year.


Photo by Marissa Arnett

Currently under construction in the creepy old Wendy’s drive-through, the new Starbucks will feature a massive coffee bar, tables and a lounge area. This will be the twentieth Starbucks location in Eugene, but because almost half of the existing one are in stores like Fred Meyer and Safeway, the new cafe is likely going to attract an entirely different crowd. Judging by the massive lines at the 13th and EMU locations, the new Starbucks will have no problem filling its seats. The only question now is what this means for its Franklin Boulevard coffee neighbor, Dutch Bros.