As a former Starbucks Partner, my experience with their syrups is extensive. I really got to know how the syrups tasted and how badly they stained my clothes (raspberry, I’m looking at you) in the year that I worked there. To properly rank each flavor by taste, I had to pull some outside opinions to remain unbiased and whether that meant sending out a mass Snapchat, well, that’s my business.

For this test, I ranked the flavored Starbucks syrups that are around all year, which sadly means that pumpkin spice is not included. All of these syrups are actually pretty good. Maybe a bit too sweet for some people, but if that's the case just ask for less pumps and you can taste the coffee more while still getting to experience some extra flavor.

10. Raspberry

strawberry, sweet, raspberry, berry
Torey Walsh

Ranking last is raspberry because of the artificial taste it gives your coffee. Luckily, last year Starbucks made the decision to get rid of artificial dyes, so this syrup isn’t bright red anymore. However, there’s still a distinct medicinal flavor that lingers with this one.

9. Peppermint

goody, bonbon, chocolate, peppermint, sweet, candy
Jocelyn Hsu

You probably didn't know that peppermint is one of the syrups that's available year-round. In fact, though it isn’t a menu item the rest of the year, you can always get a peppermint mocha if the craving hits. But that’s where it stops for most people and though there’s nothing wrong with peppermint, its flavor isn't a winner.

8. Toffee Nut

toast, dairy product, cookie, sweet, bread
Haley Herrinton

Toffee nut syrup has a great flavor that's rich and buttery, which is a great complement to a warm coffee. It stays behind in the pack because it's a little lackluster by itself. One of my favorite drinks I used to make myself when it got cold in the drive-through window was a hot chocolate with toffee nut instead of vanilla. You get a nutty, warm flavor added to a classic treat.

7. Mango

Healthy, fruits, mangoes, Fruit, mango
Jocelyn Hsu

Mango made its year-round debut about two years ago after previously being only a summer addition. The tropical taste adds something bright and fresh to any shaken iced teas, but the menu most popular mango menu item remains the Mango Black Tea Lemonade.

6. Cinnamon Dolce

chocolate, candy, sweet, cookie, cinnamon
Natalie Rodriguez

Another great syrup that often gets overlooked is cinnamon dolce. It adds spicy cinnamon and sweet brown sugar notes to your coffee, making it a great year-round flavor.

5. Peach

peach, pasture, nectarine, apple, sweet
Sarah Strohl

Now available year-round just like mango, Peach Green Tea Lemonade was one of the most popular tea drinks I made countless times at Starbucks. The fruity taste is subtler, but the sweetness is definitely present. Try half peach and half mango black tea if you're feeling adventurous.

4. Hazelnut

Market, nuts, chestnut, vegetable, nut, pasture, hazelnut
Amelia Hitchens

There’s something a little off about the hazelnut flavor that prevents it from ranking higher on this list. A current partner I asked about the syrup said it tastes like it’s watered down, but that the potential is there. If you mix it with the right drink, it's a knockout flavor addition. Hazelnut syrup is a great addition to a classic latte, and the smell alone is inviting.

#SpoonTip: If you’re looking for a ‘French Vanilla’ flavor at Starbucks, get half vanilla and half hazelnut.

3. Vanilla

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Kirsten Andersen

Vanilla is the most familiar syrup. If I’m still undecided on which drink to get when I get up to the register, I’ll blurt out 'vanilla latte' just because I know that it’s a good option even if it’s not actually what I want. Almost everyone I talked to agreed that vanilla is a go-to for their orders because of the familiarity and flavor.

2. Classic

milk, ice, sweet, tea, coffee
Asia Coladner

The all-around sweetener. Classic syrup is Starbucks’ version of simple syrup or liquid sugar and is what all of their shaken teas and iced coffees are sweetened with. It ranks second for giving us our sugar fix without any additional flavor.

1. Caramel

The winner by a landslide of votes is the caramel syrup. Sickly sweet and what most people associate with their personal Starbucks experiences, caramel is the base for the most popular Frappuccino on the menu and a common addition to iced coffees. When these are topped with the sticky caramel sauce as well, it’s a match made in heaven.

Whether or not you agree with our flavor ranking, the opportunities are endless when it comes to Starbucks' flavored syrups. In fact, they boast over 80,000 possible drink combinations, so your perfect drink is out there waiting for you. Use this guide and you might find it just a little bit faster.

#SpoonTip: If you're itching to give one of these syrups a try, make an iced caramel macchiato at home or order something off the secret menu.