We've all seen it, thousands of pages linked to the Starbucks secret menu drinks, but what you never truly see is iced coffee hacks or even latte hacks. The internet has solely catered to the frappuccino enthusiasts, but not our true coffee drinkers. As a barista and Starbucks lover, I've learned a thing or to about how to make the perfect drinks. With just simple twists on the everyday menu, the creations are infinite. I'm thrilled to share my take on the Starbucks secret menu. So here it is, my seven secret Starbucks drink orders you never knew existed

#Spoontip: the Starbucks online ordering app is your best friend!

1)  Vanilla Latte With A Sweet Twist

What to order: Ask for a grande iced or hot vanilla latte with ristretto shots (the ristretto shots replace the regular espresso).

How it tastes: The ristretto is more of a sweet espresso; in combination with the vanilla, it provides a sweet, yet still slightly bitter, taste.

2) A Jolt of Caffeinated Sweetness

What to order: Ask for a grande Starbucks double shot with no classic and two or three (depending on how sweet you want it) pumps of white mocha with ristretto.

How it tastes: With the ristretto and addition of white mocha, this drink has a unique sweet, yet still coffee-like flavor.

3) Who Knew This Could Be Iced

What to order: Grande vanilla iced cappuccino or, if you want a bolder flavor, consider half vanilla and half white mocha syrup.

How it tastes: Since the foam on top is warm, it gives off a nice sweet taste you would get from a warm cappuccino. Just choosing the vanilla adds a smokey flavor, while mixing the white mocha in makes it a little sweeter.

4) Light, Yet Caffeine Packed

What to order: Grande iced or hot Americano with room and vanilla syrup, then add half-and-half on your own.

How it tastes: This is a bitter option for those who want their coffee on the darker side. However, with the lack of milk, the espresso gives this drink a bolder taste. 

5) Cold Brew Just Got Better

What to order: Grande cold brew with three pumps of white mocha and half-and-half.

How it tastes: Since cold brew is a highly bitter drink, the white mocha and half-and-half tone down the bitterness, making this drink the perfect combo of energy an energy boost with a sweet taste.

6) White Mocha, But Not Breaking Your Scale

What to order: Grande white mocha (seasonally, Starbucks offers toasted white mocha, which is heavenly) with half the pumps and ristretto shots.

How it tastes: Similar to a double shot, but more on the milky side, this drink is sweet with coffee flavors

7) Cold Foam Surprise

What to order: venti iced cold foam cappuccino with 5 pumps of vanilla and cascara topping

How it tastes: less milky than an iced cappuccino, but still gives that foamy sweet goodness with the added dash of cascara brown sugar surprise

McKenzie Linder

So, what are you doing still reading this? Your delicious coffee is waiting for you!