Red Cup Season is finally here! In order to combat the drama over the 2015 holiday cups, which many complained were not Christmas-y enough, Starbucks decided to leave this year's design in the hands of their loyal customers.

Last December, the company encouraged people to send in their holiday cup designs via Instagram. They received over 1,200 submissions within eight days and managed to narrow it down to 13 different designs.  

For the first time ever, Starbucks will have multiple holiday cups that all share a similar theme and colour scheme. Each cup size has a few different designs and are mixed together to create a fun element of surprise for customers.

Since the cups unveiling in stores on November 10th, it is clear that everyone has their favourites. I even heard one girl ask for a different cup because she didn’t like the design she received (and I’m sure she’s not the first). 

That is why I decided that for the sake of keeping the red cup drama alive, I would (unofficially) rank the holiday cups from my least favourite to favourite design. 

Keep in mind that this ranking is based on my own preferences and I am aware that many won't agree with me. That's what makes this year's holiday cups so special because it gives everyone the opportunity to find the one that speaks to them.

The Unofficial Ranking


Sorry, seasonal iced coffee lovers, but this one comes last by default because it’s not red. Enough said. 


I really wish the string of lights was white on this one. The black is just way top harsh making it seem out of place amongst the other designs.


This design is nice but it just isn’t Christmas-y enough for my tastes.


This design is just far too busy for my eyes. I wish it was toned down just a little.


I wish the design went all the way around the cup because it's so cute and charming.


This design reminds me of a better version of the doodles I used to draw all over my middle school notebooks. 


This design reminds me of something you’d see in a children’s Christmas book and I bet that is why they choose it for their short size.


This design is so beautifully drawn making me wish it went all the way around the cup.


This design proves that less is more. I love how minimalist it is.


This design should be printed on a Christmas sweater. The Fair Isle design in combination with all intricate details really makes it special. 


This design has really grown on me. There's just something so whimsical and airy about it. It's definitely the prettiest of the bunch.


This design is the most unique out of them all. It reminds me of that magical feeling of walking outside the morning after the first snowfall of the season.


This design just screams Christmas to me. It’s so cheerful and has just enough going on making it hands down my favourite.

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