If you thought your morning Starbucks coffee was pricey before, it just got a whole lot pricier. Say hello to the new Starbucks Reserve coffee bar in the ByWard Market.

This Starbucks is not your typical #basic one. Trust me, it is far from it. This coffee bar is legit. In fact, it's the first in Canada of its kind.

They will be selling their reserve coffees there. Reserve coffees, according to Starbucks, are their finest coffees with distinct flavours that "enchant, amaze and captivate." They are coffees that they travel the globe to find.
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Phoebe Melnick
Along with their reserve coffees, the will be serving other unique, "premium" coffees that  you won't be able to find anywhere else in the city. This includes a nitro-cold brew where baristas will pour the coffee out of a tap infused with nitrogen - similar to how draft beer is poured. It also features a siphon-brewed coffee which looks like something straight out of a science lab, coffee flights, and more.

This coffee bar is all about the experience. Starbucks has staffed this location with the best baristas in the city. They're so good that they're not even called baristas, they are "coffee masters."

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Lauren Murray

Of course, all of this comes with a price. A grande cup of their siphon-brewed coffee costs a hefty $10. 

If that wasn't enough for you, they are also introducing something called "Starbucks Evenings." The popular coffee chain will now be serving alcohol for when that caffeine kick just isn't enough. It is an attempt by Starbucks to attract a late-night crowd. So, everyday, after 4 p.m., Starbucks will be offering a variety of different wines and craft beers. 

This concept has already been introduced in the United States, however it is completely new to their Canadian clientele. It looks like Starbucks will be doing their own take on what it means to be white girl wasted. 

I know, all of this sounds intimidating and expensive. However, there is no need to worry. They will still be selling $2 pike roast coffees, and all of their other regular menu items. But, for all of you coffee connoisseurs, this might be the place for you.