Contrary to popular belief, Starbucks fall news doesn't need to be all pumpkin spice, because (re: this Facebook live release), there comes a point where we can all agree that enough is enough. Thankfully, Starbucks is sparing us all and introducing another seasonal trend that can finally (maybe) bury the pumpkin spice news within our Facebook timelines with the tombstone "RIP Yoga Pants in a Drink."

Introducing, the Beautifully Blank Fall Cups

Photo courtesy of Starbucks 

TA-DA! Starbucks just released the design of their new fall cups, and they're a barren field of possibilities. Available in plum for Tall, dark teal for Grande, and orange for Venti, you can now sip on your drank, happily knowing that it's resting in a beautifully fitting fall tone (god bless, your seasonal chakras can finally align).

Perhaps the most exciting part of the Starbucks fall cups lies in the possibility of that white circle — the circle of possibilities, if you will. Apparently, the blank slate cups were designed to allow customers to express their creativity, and Starbucks is encouraging everyone who often feels creatively-inspired by their non-fat cappuccino to share their designs on social media.

#SpoonTip: These will probably be easier to doodle on once you finish the drink, so sip before sketching.

But, what if drawing gives me anxiety?

Photo courtesy of Starbucks

If you consider stick figures to be your personal form of Van Gogh expression, you can also opt for pre-designed versions of the new fall cups. These basically look like your barista (who likely has superior doodling skills anyway), took a sharpie to your cup and went the extra mile when writing out your name. Thanks, Martin!

So, when can my seasonal chakras finally align?

Whether you're really going for it in the circle of possibilities or relying on the pre-designed doodles, the new Starbucks fall cups will be available starting Sept. 22 at all locations, and if I were you, I'd take advantage of 'em ASAP. They're only around until the end of fall (until holiday mania ensues), and the circle of possibilities has so much possibility with such limited time. Happy coloring!