First there was the Zombie Frappuccino and the Vampire Frappuccino, but now word on the street (or, actually Reddit) is that there's another Halloween-themed Starbucks drink.

The "It" Frappuccino, inspired by the movie's Pennywise the clown, is reportedly being served at a California Starbucks location, but on the DL. Well, technically it's not so secret anymore, I guess.

According to Delish, Reddit user and apparent Starbucks employee, frappucci-NO, wrote in a post titled "To the store in California that is serving the 'IT' Frappuccino..." that a customer ordered the drink after seeing it made at another location. The order understandably threw the employee off, since it's not on the offish menu, but also because it's apparently a no-no at Starbs to blend food items into drinks.

Yeah, this drink actually contains "vanilla bean with strawberry purée, and a vanilla bean scone blended in." The scone part is the real head-turner, but basically, it's just a strawberry vanilla concoction—not so scary-sounding after all. Actually, it sounds pretty basic.

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Molly Doroba

You can try asking your local barista to make it, although there's no guarantee they'll make it with the scone thrown in since it's against policy. But, there's no harm in trying. If it's a hard no, you can always just order the Strawberries and Crème Frappuccino for a similar taste.