Step aside pumpkin spice latte, Starbucks is combining two of the world's two favorite beverages—beer and coffee—and we are freaking out. What seems like an odd combination could be an amazing new extension line for the coffee company.

It has been named the Espresso Cloud IPA. The new drink is part of the company's new "Starbucks Evening Menu." This menu already has some small bites and some normal alcoholic beverages, but this combo will sure change things up. 

Gif courtesy of giphy

This new trendy drink could be the best hybrid for a college student, with beer to get pumped up for the party, and coffee for the caffeine to study for all those exams. Starbucks may now be the new hotspot for drinking and doing work. However, this does have the potential to be a huge hit or miss. 

A founding member of the product and Starbucks' research and development team explains how it works in an introductory video (found below). First, a shot of espresso is dropped into a glass of beer adorned with a coffee froth head. Then, orange and vanilla flavors are added to the foam. 

It's meant to be a do-it-yourself drink with the customer pouring in the espresso shot into the beer themselves. We might just have to try this one out.