Instagram is not going to know what to do: Starbucks is officially changing their holiday cup color from red to green.

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Photo courtesy of Starbucks

Starting November 1st, which is apparently the official start of holiday season, the big Bux is releasing a never-before-seen green cup.

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Photo courtesy of Starbucks
The goal of the new cup? To give you feels. According to this Starbucks press release, a single line connects "over a hundred people drawn in one continuous stroke" from the coffee farmer to a barista, to a family and friends embracing. How sweet. The design is a reminder that Starbucks has a community with its partners, employees, and customers, and "during a diverse time in our country, Starbucks wanted to create a symbol of unity as a reminder of our shared values," said CEO Howard Schulz.
After the controversy over last year's plain red holiday cup, which some believed to be "anti-Christmas," Starbucks is hoping to make a comeback that celebrates us all this holiday season after what has been a tumultuous 2016. 
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Shelby Bank

Now we can all sip our favorite Starbucks holiday beverages from our cheery green cups and feel truly #blessed in unity.