We all knew the day would come when we could get virtually anything delivered with a click of a button, and it seems like Starbucks is joining the movement. Recently, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced that the world’s biggest coffee chain will debut a delivery option in the latter half of next year in select markets. Place an order through its mobile app, and within minutes your favorite drink will be waiting at the door at the temperature of your choice. This means that you can finally complement your Grubhub order with a steaming cup of freshly brewed Americano without setting foot outside your door, allowing you to avoid the hoards of caffeine-overdosed zombies that are bound to overrun the campus.

But before we start celebrating and marking our calendars, let’s examine the perks and costs of using the soon-to-be-launched Starbucks delivery service.


Reasons to Get Excited:

starbucks delivery

Photo by Alex Furuya

1. No more having to put on pants for Starbucks. Now you can be sleep-deprived and un-showered with your Starbucks in the comfort of your own home.

2. No more risking death to get to your caffeine fix when it’s -20°F outside.

3. If you are that person who refuses to walk into class in the morning without a venti in hand, you can skip the lines and maybe even get to class on time for once.

4. Your summer internship will no longer include memorizing way-too-complex coffee orders and holding six cups at once.


Reasons to Disapprove:

starbucks delivery

Photo by Alex Furuya

1. The 5-minute walk to Starbucks was your only daily workout. How are you now gonna burn the calories from your Java Chip Frap now?

2. Price of your drink + Delivery Fee + Tip = Broke college student

3. “Does my coffee come with free Wi-Fi?” Um…probably not.


While there are clearly some pros and cons, we can all probably agree this is a major game-changer. It’s time to get ready for the coffee of the future.